Spanish Connections?

Please contact us regarding process serving, surveillance and investigation services in Spain.

Missing Assets / Pre Sue Enquiries

Fleet offer a Worldwide Asset Tracing and Pre Sue Service that is second to none, due to our vast experience and contacts.

We are so confident of our results that on larger cases we will even undertake them on a “Disbursement Only” basis, with our own fees being payable when you have recouped the missing assets we have located.

If you email us on

1. An outline of your enquiry

2. The approximate amount you are looking to recoup (a £10k enquiry would be handled differently to one for £1 million)

3. What you have already discovered to date (we do not want to charge you to discover information you already have)

We will then get back to you with how we will undertake the enquiry with an estimate of our fees.

To receive our free fact sheet “How to obtain the best Pre-Sue Report or Financial Enquiry” which shows you how to achieve the best results when instructing and Enquiry Agent, please fill in your first name and email address in the box below and we will email it to you. This also shows you, if you are a legal professional, how to keep your clients happy when instructing us.

Alternatively contact Gary on or call us on +44 (0) 207 998 3023 to discuss your requirements.

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